Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Florian Aschka

"My name is Tante Resi, I was born in 1919 near Passau in Bavaria. I'm a great fan of my red puddle astrid, she is really sweet. When i was younger I liked very much to travel with my husband to Ischia, a very nice island. I have a big interest to become immortal... but apart from this things I'm interested in all kind of rumours in my village and of course shopping is a big thing in my life... since 2003 I'm making art with my grandnephew Florian Aschka."

„Finally I’ m going to be immortal!“ This was the sentence I heard my 89-year-old grandaunt Resi say, when I showed her for one of the first times the artworks I do with her as a model. This gave me the feeling as if this was some secret plan of her, which finally will become true.
Since 2003 and especially since I began studying in the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg in 2005 I intensified to work with her.  These works make an essential part of my photographic work.
My works of art mostly were inspired by the stories of “Tante Resi” (German for aunt Resi). She has been telling me them since my childhood. For example about such nice things like her beloved holidays in Italy and Spain, when she was escaping from the German winter.
But my work is not just showing an old lady in a documentary way, it is about showing up an exciting contrast between documentary parts and exaggerated parts in the pictures. And finally it is my intention to create an atmosphere which gives you a surreal feeling, so that you feel a bit like “Alice in Wonderland”. 

2010 Offener Raum, Haus der Kunst, Munich 
2010 “das Lächeln der Hybris” exhibition hall at the academy of fine arts Nuremberg

2010 „landscape of time“ students of the class of Heike Baranowsky with Judy Price, Kunsthaus Nuremberg/Germany

2009 „Nuernberg/Riga”, Latvian Academy of Arts in Riga/Latvia

2009 „Schüler vom Schüler vom Beuys” in the “Joseph Konsum” Leipzig/Germany

2008 "FAKE“, MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, León/Spain

2008 “EXTRA”, “Museo de Arte de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia” in Bogotá/Columbia

2008 “Ägeschegädrä“ University of Fine Arts Budapest/Hungary

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