Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Anja Priska

Anja Priska, born 1974 in Munich, Germany. Lives and works in London. Graduated as a Masterstudent in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich in 2002.
Many of her new sculptural works and paintings depict lascivious orangutans or baboons or other simians all at play all tugging at the genetic memory found in each of our cells.
Anja Priska´s paintings conjure dream-like dramatic-erotic scenes that are both playful and provocative and often riddled with a subtle deadpan dry humour.
These monkeys – primarily female protagonists – are full of exotic strength and cheeky undertones that give way to a blooming symbolism.

Monkeys being our loose relatives in the evolutionary line make for the ideal choice to pull on the strings of human imagination and association and tell stories that blur the lines between dramas and dreams, fiction and reality, love and war, weakness and strength.


2010 PRIDE, Clifford Chance, London

2010 Jungles, Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt/Main  

2010 Blasfemias, (group show), Plato Pamplona, Barcelona

2009 Dramas & Dreams, fashion meets art project, MESCHUGGE, Munich

2009 Fruity Friends, art in business, Munich

2009 The Bunny Show, rag-factory, London

2008 Up and Coming Professionals, Galerie der Künstler, Munich

2008 Twisted Pretty, Hackney Wicked Art Festival, London

2007 Dr. Winkelmann Award , curated by E.Seitz, Munich

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