Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Eva Blanché

Eva graduated 2009 from Academy of Fine Arts Munich with Diploma. In her works she mainly deals with kitsch, stereotypes and irony - and her marked preference for fancy stuff as well as for pattern and wallpapers.
Eva’s pieces are always related to her very personal surrounding - her world through her eyes. Often she's interested in showing special relationships between the depicted objects.



2010 stills of mine, UniGallery of the LMU, Munich

2010 Blasfemia, Plato Pamplona, Barcelona

2010 Coordinates , Exchange Gallery, Dublin

2010 1.Bazonnale 2010 – LUST, Weimar, Positionen, Allianz Academy, Cologne

2009 all about eve, Kulturmodell Passau

2009 DIPLOM-Exhibition, Akademy Munich

2009 Benefiz-Auction for STELLA*FINANCE, Munich

2009 References – Relationships, Munich

2009 ClassPicture, Neuhauser Kunstmühle Salzburg, Austria

2009 one days' secret, Projectroom KHiO,Kunsthøgskolen, Oslo

2008 prints, Haldenstein Castle / Switzerland

2008 Fair [Project for 200-years of AdBK Munich], Old Power Station Munich

2008 to be filed, AdBK Munich

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